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Ron Suskind

    Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist and Author
    Lewis & Clark College, 2015

    In the great battles that envelop us publicly, they’re really all the same battle. Throughout time really. It’s about embracing the outlier, about bringing in those who have been excluded, who are just visiting, who want to be a part.

    Those who are already at the table, already apart, we’re all a little touchy about this usually. Not enough seats. Find a bigger table? Who’s got that kind of money? But that’s pretty much all the struggles in one single thing. And we always move forward when we say we can make this table bigger. Let’s bring in these people with their noses pressed against the window, these people who are not like us. Let’s find the shared humanity because it is shared. In every essential way, we are all identical, we are…All the things a human being wants, and you know it, and we all do…

    Keep pedaling!

    The three very best teachers I had in my life:

    My Father

    There are values in our home and if you have those values and hold tight to them, you’ll have almost everything you need.

    My Son

    You don’t get redrawn in this life. You summon the hero, each day. On your best day.

    Cab Drivers

    Live the fullest life you can imagine.

    And remember to always look back, where they’ll all be standing there (family) saying I love you and I am proud of you.