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About this Site

Garry Trudeau once said that “commencement speeches were invented largely in the belief that outgoing college students should never be released into the world until they have been properly sedated.” The speeches and quotes on Best Graduation Speeches are the exception to this rule.

My name is Carlo Scomparin, and I am just a humble Internet scavenger and archivist.
The wonderful Cristina Negrut created this website in 2006, and mantained it for more than a decade. I discovered it by chance, and I used to visit every once in a while.

When she moved on to other projects, the site went offline. I saved it and decided to publish it again, because the lessons and advice of these speeches can inspire others as they have inspired me.
Cristina have given her blessing to the use of her work, so here we are.

If you want to drop me a line, or something, you can write me at:
I would love to hear from you!

P.S. I use this space to shamelessly promote my wonderful wife and her creations: Alessia Casarin is a talented creator of clothes and accessories.


  • A collection of inspirational quotes from college graduation speeches.
  • Little gems found buried on the web (some were discovered at the 85th page of a search engine’s results meaning that unless you were very lucky you wouldn’t have run across them which is a pity since they have such great advice).
  • Meant to help boost your confidence, inspire, motivate, uplift the spirits, empower, etc.
  • Notes and positive statements that you can read, repeat and reinforce in order to eventually replace the bad, negative thoughts.
  • The commencement address you never had or you wish you had.


  • Throughout the site, proper credit is given to all authors.
  • The copyright attributed to the GRADUATION WISDOM refers to the value added of collecting commencement addresses that have inspirational advice, creating the meta-tags associated with each entry and selecting the quotations and excerpts out of each speech.
  • Anything on this site is free to distribute for non commercial purposes as long as you indicate the source.


  • To the best of our knowledge, all speeches and quotations included in this site are made available based on the fair use guidelines of the copyright law.
  • None of the authors quoted on the GRADUATION WISDOM are affiliated with or have endorsed in any manner this site.
  • We will promptly remove any content that might be suspected as violating a copyright.